The beginning of any journey starts with a need to want to learn. School comes at such an early stage in life where we wonder who we are and why we need to be here. The ease, excitement and curiosity with which we begin our first outdoor journey in life is always an experience that stays with us for a lifetime. Royal School has been one such experience filled with fun and flavor.It helps one explore possibilities that bring out the best in a person. Coming from a background of having two wonderful women who raised me, I joined grade four, a class fullof boys. It was a pleasant surprise of feeling awkward and welcomed at the same time. The support and encouragement I got from friends and teachers is something I would always cherish. I remember a time when we were playing hide and seck. For some reason, I would be given a special preference of being forgiven even if I got out. It felt special to be exclusive and not excluded!

Teachers have truly been the backbone of Royal School. We were a small school to begin with. Only a few students in a class given individual attention. All of us either needed guidance or support; help or encouragement and we could always look up to them for all our needs. Storytelling and debating have been my strong points but stage fright was a fear I found hard to overcome. When teachers make extra curricular activities compulsory, its probably for the good as I understood that fear was a preconceived notion I had about something i hadn’t even tried. I remember winning debate competitions three times in a row for three consecutive years.

As years passed by, High School was more of a journey progressing towards higher goals and responsibilities. Being the first captain of Raman House was a privilege. We failed, we succeeded, we laughed, we cried, we saw our team on top of the leader board and sometimes at the very bottom. Every experience only made us stronger as a team. Being a captain helped me find the leader in me. The badge I wore commanded respect. Captaincy meant wearing many hats. It was not an easy task. We had to be at our best to guide and help a team flourish. Was i strict? Probably I was How would I like to see my school in future? Perhaps, we could introduce a larger variety of learning methods like kinesthetic, auditory, musical, social and so on, so that it could cater to a varied range of students with different learning abilities. Story telling sessions, short field trips, creating useful products from waste material, open book exams could all help learning become a fun filled experience.

Being a part of the “Royal Family”, the journey has taught me to dream big. Its never too late to achieve anything in life. Bigger dreams just take longer time to fulfill.


UET: Universal Educational Trust has seen successful three decades in nurturing and building the community. UET was established in the year 1982. As a White Feather attached to UET, Royal High School was launched in the year 1992 in Bangalore

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