A Reflection
School photobombed every aspect of my childhood. Never did it let me be. While I was at a relative’s taking a bite off of a round, soft jamun trying to frame this beautiful moment there it appeared again without an invitation. I use a spoon to cut that cute, round thing in half and eat like a Victoria’s secret model with utmost dexterity (a rare skill for an eight year old I suppose) then the school was praised for imparting good manners, discipline & etiquettes. Had I used my hand to pick it straight off the cup & wipe my hand to my already dirty pants and there you again, it appears unflinchingly except this time for the exact opposite reasons. School was a safe house as far as parents were concerned. No amount of sulking over extra homework, tantrums to miss school was going to budge parents from believing otherwise. It held a high ground, like the oracle of Delphi.

School was such an integral part of our lives as we grew up. We grew up intellectually, physically, mentally emotionally and socially; all these changes embraced gracefully and not once did we need lessons in Change Management a training to that’s selling like hot cake in the corporate world.


UET: Universal Educational Trust has seen successful three decades in nurturing and building the community. UET was established in the year 1982. As a White Feather attached to UET, Royal High School was launched in the year 1992 in Bangalore

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