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Price Table

  • Full payment for tuition and fees in June.
  • This plan allows for optional Tuition Refund Insurance
  • Two equal payments for tuition and fees in June and December
  • $220 fee is required and Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory
  • Tuition is due each month beginning in May
  • $440 fee is required and Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory



What Parents Talk

A Home away from Home
Twenty fifth anniversary of my school and I feel privileged to be writing this today. I joined Royal School as a toddler and continued to finish my entire schooling. We belonged to the third batch of the school and it literally grew along with us. It has been a decade ever since I passed out of school. A decade!! Phew. A decade has passed and yet nothing has changed. It is said that change is the constant companion. Changes are inevitable, ain’t it? Of course, it is. The school not only taught us our lessons and text book chapters, it also helped us grow as individuals with a great value system. We live by what has been taught to us. It is because of our teachers that we have evolved into better beings, both in professional and in personal lives. The past decade has been the result of the hard work of the teachers. The real learning begins once we get out of the cocoon. A caterpillar which is built to be a butterfly, moulds itself for its life. Likewise, a teacher moulds a student. And sooner or later in life, we all realise.. We realise that the teachers were right! It is only when we live life and go through few experiences do we understand that a lot had been told to us beforehand. As an alumnus, when I returned to school after a decade as a guest to talk to the now students of tenth grade I Experienced the beauty of role reversal. Time has the power to change everything Who we are and what we do, depicts our personality. It is important that the coming generations learn to make a choice and live by it. You must build yourself in such a way that you have the power to choose and the courage to stay put. Life has given us love, relationships, memories, taught us lessons of courage, morality and humbleness. Let me tell you, these are the gifts that one can endure from failures. So it becomes necessary to accept failures in order to accept great success. It is roots that matter. And it is roots that we must hold on to. What you build forever matters more than what comes presently

School was home away from home for me. I grew up in a secured atmosphere. The best gift one can get is to be comfortable in their own skin and that’s what was given to us. Hundred different students and the freedom to be yourself, is priceless!! I am glad to be a part of the formative years of the school. I shall forever be a part of it. I can’t be thankful enough to my teachers who were as good as my parents. Twenty-five to the school. Many more to go.

Rishabh Raja (Batch 2005-06)

A Reflection
School photobombed every aspect of my childhood. Never did it let me be. While I was at a relative’s taking a bite off of a round, soft jamun trying to frame this beautiful moment there it appeared again without an invitation. I use a spoon to cut that cute, round thing in half and eat like a Victoria’s secret model with utmost dexterity (a rare skill for an eight year old I suppose) then the school was praised for imparting good manners, discipline & etiquettes. Had I used my hand to pick it straight off the cup & wipe my hand to my already dirty pants and there you again, it appears unflinchingly except this time for the exact opposite reasons. School was a safe house as far as parents were concerned. No amount of sulking over extra homework, tantrums to miss school was going to budge parents from believing otherwise. It held a high ground, like the oracle of Delphi.

School was such an integral part of our lives as we grew up. We grew up intellectually, physically, mentally emotionally and socially; all these changes embraced gracefully and not once did we need lessons in Change Management a training to that’s selling like hot cake in the corporate world.

Prakruthi (Batch 2005-06)

The smile I remember
It was in the year 2007. I first stepped in to Royal School. Being brought up in Maharashtra, this was a completely new environment. It took 2-3 months for me to learn the language and the school conduct. Gradually I made a very good set of friends and started spending time with them. The main point that caught my attention was the good teaching skills of my teachers, their friendly SMILES and their co-operative attitude towards the students. Lot of importance was given to the extra-curricular activities. It gave us the necessary exposure to the outside world on a good platform.

Now I am pursuing my Engineering degree, but whenever go down my memory lane, 1 SMILE at those innocent fights vociferous talks during the classes, stealing glances over the notes of classmates feeling thrilled over winning volleyball matches which I can never forget.

As I stepped out into the big world, I have realized the depth in the words of advice given by my teachers with a SMILE on their faces. Right from the security guard whom we would affectionately call uncle to my teachers & my Principal, I was always received with a SMILE and with a SMILE I passed out of the school with 96%, this I am sure will ever remain in my memories of MY SCHOOL.

Vineet V. Namanna (Batch 2013-14)



UET: Universal Educational Trust has seen successful three decades in nurturing and building the community. UET was established in the year 1982. As a White Feather attached to UET, Royal High School was launched in the year 1992 in Bangalore

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