A sport is an integral part of the RPS curriculum. It is our constant endeavor to involve all students to take part in various sports and games.

The school has proper facilities for the disciplines like Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Table tennis, Cricket, Skating rink, Yoga and Indoor play area. We have a Meditation period for every class to teach mental relaxation, good health and to help our students develop good personality.

Students are assessed in PE activities on the following descriptors:

  • Displays an innate talent in an identified sport and appreciates importance of good health
  • Demonstrate endurance and strength to perform well
  • Ability to move quickly
  • Displays agility, coordination and balance and is able to change direction quickly during any game/match.
  • Display healthy team spirit and discipline on and off the field
  • Displays leadership skills, a high level of responsibility and is self-motivated.
  • Is an inspiration or is able to inspire other members of the school

UET: Universal Educational Trust has seen successful three decades in nurturing and building the community. UET was established in the year 1982. As a White Feather attached to UET, Royal High School was launched in the year 1992 in Bangalore

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